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Large Off-Grid System

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Product Description

This system can be used with 12,24,36,48 V battery banks. This system was designed for cottages or small homes. It is designed to run LED lights, Stereo equipment, communication equipment, a 40″ LED TV for limited periods of use, computer equipment, video equipment, pumps, kitchen appliances and computer equipment. For Larger loads, more panels and batteries can be added to increase the storage and charging capacity.

  • 18 x 265W solar panels + Mounting (ground mounted)
  •  Outback 80 Amp MPPT charge controller
  • Magnum 4kW inverter with battery monitoring kit
  • Midnite combiner box with room for 6 breakers
  • 1100 amp hours  @ 48V
  • Lightning arrestor
  • Cables, connections and fuses
  • Shipping not included

(product shown as ground mount, Roof mount available)