Off grid systems provide power for remote locations, cottages, small homes, garages and portable applications. If you provide us with the type of equipment your looking to power, and how long you want it to run for. We can size a system specifically  for your needs. To See our selection of prebuilt off grid systems look under the products tab on our menu. Below are some examples of systems we have designed for our clients.

Portable Molson Beer Stage

Sized to run 2, 40″ LED TVs, LED lights, and outdoor floodlights

Transported all across Canada. Now it is located in Molson Park, Toronto, ON.

Powers 2 40″ LED tv’s, lights, cellphone and computer charging station and music.

molson stage front molson stage back


Off Grid cottage system

Located in Radium British Columbia, this system completely powers the compound. Water pump, Well pump, septic systems, lights, fridge, TV, Radio, Internet. This property did not have adequate roof space so the client built a wooden racking system and installed the aluminum racking system onto the wooden frame.

Prior to this system, the owners had to start their generator to make toast and coffee in the morning. Solar simply works. quietly.





Battery Back up and Net-metering

This system is connected to the grid, but has batteries. It spins the meter backwards, however, if and when there is a power outage the batteries automatically switch over and keep the essentials working. Septic, well, filter, freezers and communications. Along with a generator this system can power the compound for weeks.

solar cottage maine reduced


Remote Solar Station

For high-speed wireless internet station and 1 high definition outdoor video camera

Located on the 500, 1000, and 1500m pilings on the Henley island rowing course, St. Catharines. Ontario (despite the bird droppings at the end of the season, the batteries were fully charged and the solar panel was producing 96% power)

4 1

2 Panel Solar Tracker

To power a small garage

IMG_1755 IMG_1756