Our Mission

To become our communities first choice for renewable energy and eco home technologies.

Our Vision

To promote environmental stewardship through renewable energy and eco home solutions.

Our Product

Supplying turn key, grid connected solar PV systems directly to customers. We provide professional solar panel installations.

Our Team

Our team has installed over 250 Microfit systems, 3 Large scale FIT systems, multiple net-metering systems and many off-grid systems. This means we have extensive experience on multiple roof types.  With over 15,000 panels installed we know how to best design a system that suits your needs. We specialize in:

  • With specific solar grid connection experience
  • Single phase, residential, small business, agricultural
  • 3 phase, commercial, agricultural
  • Central metering
  • Pitched roof installs (both metal roof and asphalt shingle)
  • Flat roof systems, ballasted as well as secured
  • Dual axis trackers and fixed mounted, ballasted ground mount units
  • Custom designed and installed single axis trackers

Agricultural. Residential. Commercial. Industrial.

Our Experience

IES is a premier solar dealer with a wide range of PV system installs in the Niagara, Hamilton and Haldimand regions. Our popularity is due to the trust and reputation we have built with our clients and the community. IES has installed pitched roof systems, flat roof (secured and ballasted) and trackers on family homes, commercial and farm properties, churches, and housing co-operatives.

We conduct proper site assessments, work with clients to design systems in accordance with their goals and property and engage professional structural and electrical engineering to ensure long term integrity. We file the necessary applications (OPA, LDC, and ESA), obtain building permits and install systems in a safe, professional manner. We do professional work and stand behind our installations and products.

Your Choice

IES is an independent company.  In this respect, we are not restricted to one distributor or product line.  IES is able to determine the right product from a choice of numerous reputable distributors to enable correct and professional solar solutions.  The result is customers who have access to the right solar PV solution.

IES offers monocrystalline or polycrystalline panels with excellent power tolerance, Enphase Micro-inverters, Central Inverters, aluminum roof racking and monitoring systems.  For installations lacking internet connectivity (essential for monitoring), our company is able to provide onsite EMU energy monitoring and/or specialized (reasonably priced) high speed internet bridge technology that will reach an internet portal several miles away.

Bankable Revenue

IES utilizes Natural Resources Canada approved/recommended PV/Energy software programs to estimate your solar revenue.

Service Area

IES sells and installs predominately throughout the regions of Niagara, Hamilton and Haldimand.  Our team is also able to accommodate installations anywhere from Toronto, to London, to Guelph.


IES always works with your LDC to ensure “permission to connect” before system installation. If you are buying or selling a house with an active solar system IES has the experience in contract transfers as well.

Ontario Content

Previous versions of the microfit and FIT contracts required that a minimum level of domestic content product, labor and services be used on solar systems. Even though this requirement is gone, IES can still provide any client with Domestic content compliant products. If you have an older contract that has a Domestic content requirement and need replacement product, call IES and we will ensure your product meets those required levels.

Fully Insured

IES is fully insured.  If required, our contracting company would be pleased to provide WSIB Clearance Certificates.  General Insurance Certificates available, detailing $5,000,000 of General Liability.

Our Warranty

IES guarantees materials/workmanship for a period of ONE year from the date of installation. Manufacturer’s warranties apply to some components of your system for longer periods, which your solar consultant will detail for you. Your satisfaction is our primary concern and we will ensure that your solar needs are met.